Lots of authors prefer to write series as opposed to stand-alone books. And it’s usually a good idea to have consistency in the covers for all the books in the series, so they are properly branded and easily recognizable as part of that series to an author’s fanbase. However, depending on how long the series is, getting consistent covers for one’s series can be an expensive proposition.

That is why we here at DarnGoodCovers.com offer our “Series Package” for authors who already have a series or are planning out a series to publish. We can work out a deal that is right for you so that you won’t have to break the bank getting multiple covers designed for your books.

The Simple Series Design

The “Simple Series” design option is where you take a single cover and simply change the color scheme and the titles to reflect a change in the book. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to convey that books are a part of a series because the main cover image remains consistent, but also indicates different books in the series due to the change in colors and titles.

For a simple series, we charge a base cost of $25 for three books, then an additional $5 for each book beyond that. So a simple series of 5 books would cost $35 to have done. The author would need to provide us with the different titles and the main color he or she would want used for each book. We offer this option for pre-made covers purchased through this site. Please note that the same pre-made cover image will be used for all the covers, unless you’ve purchased different covers from DarnGoodCovers.com that you would like to use.

To order a simple series design, simply add the “Simple Series” Add On from the “Add On” category in our shop to your cart.

A simple series uses the same image but different color schemes and titling.