Product Mock-Ups



Mock Up Image Examples

One of the best ways to represent your books to customers is to show them a “physical example” of what your book could look like. This has never been more important in a digital age where people download their books rather than store them on the bookshelf.  “Mock-Ups” of your product can help it feel more real to customers, and are great to use on your website, social media, and in promotions.  You can get your book cover from converted into product mock ups which include:

  • A paperback version of the book
  • An iPad/eReader version
  • A mobile phone version

All three product mock ups are included in a single affordable package. You can add this feature on for just $25 per cover. Get your cover converted into realistic 3D representations of physical media today with this excellent product mock-up package!

Please Note: You must purchase a “Product Mock-Up” add-on for each individual cover you wish to have mock-ups made for.  For example, if you want 2 covers converted, you must purchase 2 Product Mock-Up add-ons, etc.