Facebook and Bookbub Ads


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Ad Examples

Do you plan on advertising your book? If so, then you probably need images to include in your advertisements!  The two biggest and most profitable ad platforms for authors right now are Facebook and Bookbub advertising.  We here at DarnGoodCovers.com can convert your cover into killer image ads designed specifically for these ad platforms!

Facebook Ads:

  • 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Image of your book as a paperback mock-up
  • Custom background
  • Very little or no text

Bookbub Ads:

  • 300 x 250 pixels
  • Image of your book on an ereader tablet
  • Custom ad text
  • Custom button image

The Ad add-on comes with both versions – a Facebook ad image and a Bookbub ad image – included in the price.  These ads can be designed to your specifications, depending on the text you want on the ad (if any).  You will need to supply the text you want on the ads.  DarnGoodCovers.com will not supply ad text for you.

NOTE: An ad add-on must be purchased separately for every pre-made cover you wish to be converted. The $25 price is for ONE pre-made cover only!  If you want to have multiple pre-made covers converted to ads, you must purchase more than one ad add-on option.