Sometimes authors want to represent their work as actual products for their readers to visualize. This not only makes the book feel more “real”, but lends the finished product an air of professionalism usually reserved for traditionally published books. Because e-books do not really have a physical form, these “mock up” images can help to make it seem like something tangible.

Mock-up images can be used for ads, promotional materials, websites, and a variety of other things. Plus, it’s just cool to see your book represented as a real tangible product! At, you can get your pre-made cover, custom cover, or 3rd party cover converted into various product mock-ups for an affordable price. The product mock-up bundle includes:

  • A Paperback mock-up of your book.
  • A tablet/e-reader mock up.
  • A mobile phone/e-reader mock up.
Mock Up Examples
(Left) Mobile Image, (Center) Tablet/e-Reader Image, (Right) Paperback Image

Each mock-up is sent to you in an individual PNG file with a transparent background (3 files in total). These can be easily used on any website, newsletter, or document you wish to feature them on, and they can be combined together in a “group” image if need be. You’ll receive high resolution versions of the images that can be resized to your specifications depending on where you choose to place them.

You can get your cover converted to these three product mock-ups for just $25.

Simply select the “product mock-up” option from the “Add On” category in our store to get your cover made into these three high quality mock ups.