Audiobooks are the fastest growing market for independent authors, and it’s never been easier to get one’s book converted into audio format. But to go along with that, you’ll want to have a great cover for your audiobook listing. After all, the artwork for your audiobook is just as important as the cover for your book!

Often, authors will just upload their book cover for the audiobook image, but this results in the image looking squashed and unprofessional. This is because the dimensions for an audiobook cover are different from those of a book cover. Audiobook covers are done at 2400 x 2400 pixels. This “square shaped” cover is a throwback to when audiobooks were published as CDs, and the CD cases required a square insert for their cover. For some reason, audiobook websites adopted this format for their icons and featured images. Thus, if you want to have a professional look on websites like Audible, Google, or Kobo, you’re going to need to make sure your cover is converted to the proper dimensions.

Whether you’re using a pre-made cover or a custom cover, we here at can convert those covers for you to the proper audiobook format. We can even include extra information, such as who the narrator of the book is, the company that produced the audiobook version, and anything else you’d like to add. And if you have a cover not done by us, we can convert that cover to audiobook format for you as well (though it may not look as good as covers from our site if you can’t supply a layered Photoshop file).

Prices for Audiobook covers are: $25

To order an audiobook cover conversion, simply purchase the Audiobook add-on in our shop, listed under the “Add On” category. After completing your purchase, you can supply us with any custom instruction you may have in regards to the audiobook cover. Included in the price of the Audiobook add-on is 1 revision, if needed. Upon approval of the finished version, you will be supplied with a high resolution 2400 x 2400 jpeg file.