Every author knows that ads are an important part of making sales for their books. But did you know that the image you use in your ad is one of its most important aspects? Ad images can be the difference between making a sale and people completely ignoring your ad!

Two of the biggest ad platforms for authors currently are Facebook and Bookbub. So we here at DarnGoodCovers.com offer our design services for ad images tailored for these two ad platforms so you can start advertising and driving sales right away!

Our Facebook ads include a paperback mock-up of your book along with a custom background with very little to no text. The reason for the lack of text is because Facebook doesn’t like text-heavy images and won’t run them as much as ads with images that contain fewer amounts of text. We can also ad a “Kindle Unlimited” badge to the image if your book is enrolled in the program. All Facebook images are created at 1200 x 628 pixels, which is the recommended image size for ads.

Bookbub images are 300 x 250 pixels, and contain an e-reader mock-up with your book’s cover on it. The image also includes custom text, such as a headline and a call to action. They also contain a “Read Now” button as encouragement to click on the ad. The design for Bookbub ads is based on Bookbub’s very own recommendations of what their users like to click on. You will get to specify the specific ad text that appears on the ad and will be asked to provide it during the design phase. DarnGoodCovers.com will not create the text for the ad for you.

Ad Examples
(Left) A Facebook Ad Image. (Right) A Bookbub Ad Image.

Facebook and Bookbub ad images are sold in a bundle. When you order an ad creation, you will always get both in case you wish to use either of them.

The cost for this ad bundle is $25 and comes with one revision each, if necessary.

You can order an ad creation bundle through our store by adding it from the “Add Ons” category to your cart.